The Advantages Of Embarking On A Call Tracking Pilot

The advantages of embarking on a call tracking pilot

When considering a new software implementation, it’s always a good idea to fully understand the benefits of the application.

While the theory of call tracking and the potential for greater optimisation of campaigns sounds great, until the results are seen with your own eyes in practice, there may still be an element of healthy scepticism. After all, call tracking is all about collecting data that isn’t readily available in standard analytics software.

Here at Delacon, we encourage our client’s to consider embarking on a call tracking pilot program before rolling out the technology across the entire site. You’ll be able to see the benefits of deploying call tracking and evaluate our solution.

The program can be as long as required. However we find that most clients have benefited from a three month pilot, often seeing the value in expanding call tracking to a greater extent.

So how do I work out which area of my website to sample call tracking?

For organisations with many business divisions, products and services, we think it’s a good idea to pick a self-contained product that has moderate level of enquiries from online contact forms and suspected phone enquiries. Other options include tracking of all sources or limiting call tracking to online paid sources only to help optimise digital advertising spend.  Another approach is to look at an entire campaign across a wide range of sources to see which aspects of the campaign work best for lead generation.

Needless to say, once you have call tracking enabled on your site, your suspicions around phone enquiries will be justified with accurate call data. You may find that more leads use the phone than online forms, you may find higher value leads call or you might discover that leads close to the final point of sale use the phone – in which case you may have to re-assess your attribution modelling?

What’s included in a Delacon call tracking pilot?

When you sign up for a pilot, you will receive everything that’s including in the standard Delacon solution – it’s the just the focus that makes the difference. Therefore we’ll help you with the scope of the project, carry out the provisioning for the pilot and give you our essential guide to analysing data. Over the course of the pilot, we’ll help you monitor the data and guide you to the essential reports in both Google Analytics and Delacon’s reporting tools.

We offer a well managed process – from scoping of the requirements, involvement of key stakeholders, through to guided implementation and finally a review of the pilot outcomes to help the business evaluate the business case for call tracking for the business.

Should you have any questions throughout the pilot, you can ask your dedicated account manager. Delacon’s support team are also available during normal work hours.

At the conclusion of the pilot and armed with the confidence that receiving call tracking data is important to your business, we can re-assess how many call tracking numbers are required to expand tracking across other services that your website offers.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.