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Delacon Launches on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace

Closing the loop just became easy with the announcement today that Delacon, a leading international call tracking provider, has launched on the Salesforce AppExchange, empowering businesses to connect with customers, partners and employees in a whole new way.

Marketers that value accurate attribution of prospects and customers to the appropriate marketing campaign will appreciate the integration of Delacon’s app with the Salesforce1 Platform. This app will automatically populate all new call leads with the marketing campaign source – giving marketers the ability to  accurately measure the ROI regardless of when the prospect becomes a customer.

This latest partnership continues to fulfill Delacon’s determination to partner with significant global vendors that share common values and goals.

The functionality of the app follows the same principle as the “web to lead” functionality for online leads, with the automatic creation of a new lead object for callers in Salesforce that’s populated with the captured call data. Delacon calls this the “call to lead” functionality. For existing leads, the system will automatically add the call as an activity to the Account.

“The inclusion of call data in Salesforce will allow marketers to accurately identify successful campaigns and keywords that deliver customers who initially contacted the business through a phone call. For the sales team, the app can provide valuable information on the online journey the prospect took prior to making the call – real-time data that can help guide the conversation to a potentially more fruitful outcome,” said Michael Center, Delacon’s Chief Technical Officer.

“Our clients who appreciate the benefits of sending call data in Salesforce will be fully supported through our work on the Salesforce1 Platform. This is a very exciting development, and my team looks forward to assisting businesses to accurately measure success based on all conversion options.”

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About Delacon
Delacon has extensive expertise in developing leading edge telecommunication technologies that help businesses stay ahead. Since the company’s beginning in 1996, Delacon has been committed to developing products that help businesses improve their day to day operations and marketing ROI. Over the past few years the company’s efforts have been focused on delivering world class call tracking solutions to support directory companies, digital media agencies, data driven marketing professionals, direct marketers, SME and enterprise businesses.

About Salesforce AppExchange
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