Call Centre

How we can integrate with call centres

If you run a business which receives thousands of calls a day, you know that managing the call inflows and call volumes is integral to being able to run an effective, efficient and profitable call center that also ensures the highest level of customer service are met.

There are a number of telephony solutions you should consider which can assist you in running a more effective call center:

Call Routing

A call routing solution can help make sure calls are answered by the right team or even by the right person. By utilizing call tracking data such as state or city called from or the time of day the call is made, the call can be routed based on this information.

Alternatively, calls can be routed based on which website or ad the call is coming from for e.g. if you have a webpage on a certain product, you can make sure that calls about that product are answered by the person or team with the skill set to answer those calls or based on the keyword searched for or device type used.

Computer Telephony Integration/Pop Up Screen

Automated screen pop ups can make your agent’s job easier by displaying call information as soon as the call has come through.

Our live call recording integration allows a company’s CTI system to do a look up on Delacon’s live XML API either using the unique Delacon ID or the Caller ID. The integration will allow for the call tracking record and associated call tracking information to be automatically pulled into the screen pop up.

CRM Integration

Integrating your phone solution with your CRM, such as Salesforce, Adobe Analytics or Microsoft Dynamics can enhance your call center’s operations.

An integration can push each call into your CRM in real-time, allocating a unique searchable ID number to the call record. A call center operator can access the call record in real-time through either an automatic pop up on the screen or by searching for the unique ID number.

The call record shows all call tracking information to help enhance the call including:

  • The page the caller has called from.
  • The keywords the caller has searched for.
  • Whether the caller is a new or existing customer.
  • Whether the caller has called before.
  • More

This data empowers the operator with rich information about the caller, which helps to personalize the phone call and maximize conversion and upsell potential.

Whisper Messages

Whisper messages are played at the start of the call and can only be heard by the operator. They help the operator know where the call is coming from. For example, the whisper message might say “This is a call from”, or “this is a call about product x”. The operator can then tailor the conversation with the caller to help maximise the conversion potential – for example, they may retrieve a specific call script to use.

Another option could be for the whisper message to say the unique caller ID. This caller ID can then be entered into the CRM to display the call record for the agent.


An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a menu prompt system which uses sophisticated voice recognition software to route calls, in addition to routing calls based on the keypad tones pressed by the caller.

An IVR system can ensure calls are routed to the correct department and also help manage call queues and volumes.

Call Recording

Many large businesses require phone calls to be recorded for training, compliance or legal purposes. Secure storage, recordings that can be accessed at any time and the option to stop a call from recording – such as when a client is providing sensitive information – and then restart the recording, are all important features to consider.

Call Transcription

Effective call centers often depend on operators following approved scripts, not only to ensure that they caller receives the best customer service and enhances your chance of a sale, but also for legal and compliance purposes.

As a manager, it will be impossible for you to listen to every call to ensure this process is being followed. Call Transcription and Analytics can not only transcribe calls for you, but can also listen for specific pre-approved keywords to make sure that your agents are following the appropriate scripts.

IVR Capture

An IVR Capture feature allows you to capture the menu options or departments callers select when calling your business. By being able to see where the calls to your call center are going, you can better allocate staff and resources to make sure the right areas of the business are properly equipped to handle the volume of calls.

You can also use this data to approximate CPA find out here.