Image Swap Feature

Can your call tracking provider work with phone numbers that are images? Delacon can!

Did you know that if your website displays a phone number as an image you can now use Delacon’s call tracking?

Previously, if your website displayed a phone number as an image (rather than as text), the only way you could implement call tracking was to change the image number to a text number. Sometimes this was easy to do, but sometimes it wasn’t possible to change to a text number, and that meant you couldn’t use call tracking.

We wanted to find a solution to this problem to meet our ongoing commitment to make call tracking work on all websites, and the good news is you can now implement call tracking even when using image numbers. If our call tracking wasn’t already easy to implement, this enhancement makes it even easier!

You already know that call tracking works by Delacon’s special website code updating the existing website phone number with a call tracking phone number. To make call tracking available for all websites, Delacon’s awesome development team has been hard at work in the second half of this year, and has enhanced our call tracking code to handle image numbers. It doesn’t matter whether the website requires two, 200 or 2,000 dynamic numbers: Delacon’s code works seamlessly with image numbers. How good is that? To read more about Delacon’s Dynamic Numbers solution and work out how many numbers you need, click here.

This is great news for agencies and advertisers because it means you can immediately start tracking phone calls on websites which use image numbers, or you can re-visit call tracking on websites that you thought you couldn’t track because they used image numbers. Best of all, everything else is just like how you know call tracking to be if your website uses image numbers: calls are attributed to their source and search query/keyword, and the data is accessible through the Delacon reporting portal, across the Google Suite (Google Analytics, AdWords, DoubleClick and Data Studio) and across a multitude of other leading platforms including Acquisio, Kenshoo, Marin, Adobe, Salesforce + more.

Cool! So how do I use call tracking to swap out image numbers?

If you’re an existing Delacon call tracking customer and want to know how to implement call tracking on websites with image numbers, check out our userguide.

Or if your existing call tracking provider can’t work with image numbers, and you want to know more then just head over to our contact page and drop us an email or give us a call and one of our technical specialists can tell you more.