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Delacon introduces the latest version of our Acquisio Integration

Delacon is excited to introduce the latest version of our Acquisio integration, that now makes optimizing and supercharging your PPC campaigns easier than ever.

Delacon’s original integration with Acquisio involved a one-to-one mapping between a CID and an Acquisio account, meaning data would be pushed to a single account when a call was received. While this was a sufficient process for most Acquisio users, if there were multiple Acquisio accounts in use for one client, only one account could be targeted. This posed a complication to clients with multiple accounts, regions and domains; that had numerous CIDs.

Our latest Acquisio integration which now allows for multiple/mass mapping, we are able to determine which Acquisio account was the source of the visit and push the calls to the relevant account.

The process is predominantly very similar, however clients with multiple accounts can now enjoy greater functionality with all calls seamlessly attributed to their relevant account.

If you are interested in utilising the Delacon-Acquisio integration, please don’t hesitate to get in contact today and speak to one of our friendly account managers.