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Get More Sales Call Conversions from Google Business Profile with Delacon’s Call Tracking

GBP (Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business) allows potential customers to find a business through Google Search and Maps. It also gives them more ways to connect with a business by calling, messaging or leaving a review.

GBP is a convenient feature as it gives Google searchers access to information about businesses and how to contact them straight away without having to leave Google Search.

GBP also provides a holistic view of all lead sources; this can be viewed in Data Studio or Google Analytics. Businesses realise quickly how advantageous GBP is when they see that it accounts for a large proportion of website visits, enquiries or calls to their business.

A Google Business Profile drives a high percentage of phone calls to businesses

Phone calls are an important lead source for all types of businesses and GBP drives a very high percentage of phone calls to businesses. GBP gives businesses an opportunity to receive more calls than they would have otherwise received, giving their sales teams the opportunity to connect with more potential customers.

By combining Delacon’s call tracking with your GBP, you will receive a more detailed view of which marketing activities or campaigns resulted in potential customers making a call to your business. 

When you combine GBP with Delacon’s call tracking software, you can also collect a customer’s call data including their phone number, location and device. 

Delacon Call Tracking integrated with GBP = Optimised Marketing & ROI

The additional call tracking data that Delacon collects empowers businesses to identify which marketing campaigns and keywords drive phone calls. This allows them to optimise advertising spend accordingly.

Delacon’s call tracking attribution and analytics data also offers the ability to segment customers into audiences with data demonstrating the caller’s intent, urgency and insights into the conversation which can assist with future digital marketing campaigns.

Delacon can also improve customer calls made via GBP by using call routing options including IVR Listening, time of day routing and CRM integration to segment sales versus other calls in order to track revenue across multiple channels.

Calls made to a dedicated Delacon call tracking number have the potential to be cheaper than what businesses may pay their main telco, assuming they currently advertise a toll-free number in GBP.

Overall, the integration of Dealcon call tracking with GBP enables businesses to gain valuable customer insights and optimise marketing ROI.

So how do I set up Delacon’s call tracking with my Google Business Profile?

Use a dedicated Delacon tracking number as your primary business number in GBP.

Delacon tracking numbers can be used in GBP listings to count the volume of calls received. This can be a single number for your company or a dedicated number for each of your locations.  Delacon’s software will then be able to report which calls came from GBP and will provide the associated customer attribution data.

How to track callers from other phone sources who first found you via your GBP

People who have found your GBP can also choose to contact you via your listed social media accounts or your website button and call you from the numbers advertised there. Delacon’s call tracking will ensure that these numbers called are also tracked back to your GBP listing. We can do this by adding UTM codes to your social platforms and website in conjunction with our call tracking integration with GBP. In this way we can account for all phone call activity driven by your GBP.

Phone calls are the most popular and valuable conversions you will receive from Google Business Profile. Ensuring you have the correct data on phone calls resulting from GBP and by providing positive subsequent experiences to callers will help your business increase leads, appointments, customers, and ultimately revenue. Contact us if you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your Google Business Profile by integrating with Delacon call tracking. We can show you how it will deliver deeper insights and marketing ROI.


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