Feed call data into your software platforms

Delacon’s call tracking solution seamlessly integrates with a range of industry-leading software platforms that you’re already using. The call data can be analysed within these platforms to give you meaningful insights based on complete information. Delacon proudly invests in the continual integration of our solution with other platforms for the benefit of our clients.

We currently work with the leading providers in tag management, website analytics, bid management, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation.

Bid Management

Accessed through your bid management platform, with the addition of call tracking you’ll be able to make more informed marketing decisions and optimise paid campaigns from a position of complete knowledge. With the inclusion of call data you will have a true representation of the success of online campaigns. Delacon’s call tracking integrates with Acquisio, Google Ads, Marin Software and Google DoubleClick.

Tag Management

To easily roll out Delacon’s call tracking solution on your website, our system is integrated with a range of tag management software. If your website currently employs Google Tag Manager, Tealium, SuperTag or Ensighten to implement code, it’s a simple process to add the call tracking code to your tag manager, which will then fire Delacon’s solution across your site.


If inbound phone calls are an important part of the sales journey for your customers, then the integration of Delacon’s call tracking solution and your CRM is essential. You’ll be able to track, measure and follow new leads from that all-important original touch point, through the various stages of the journey and pinpoint the final method that led to the sale.

Web Analytics

With the integration of call tracking into a web analytics platform such as Google Analytics, you can not only measure the customer’s journey from their online exploration through to the offline call but you’ll be able to look at web engagement and phone analytics side by side in one platform.

Marketing Automation

Integrating call tracking into your marketing automation software will give you greater insights into your customers’ journeys, which in turn will give you the vital information to streamline your marketing automation campaigns and increase conversions.

Google Suite

Google’s impressive suite is further enhanced through the integration of Delacon’s call tracking solution. If you’re using Google Analytics, AdWords, Tag Manager or DoubleClick, our software seamlessly plugs in for your benefit.

Business Intelligence

To efficiently use Business Intelligence software it’s essential to have all relevant data. This data presents businesses with great opportunities to formulate a range of reports and to drill down into the information collected to uncover unique insights and observations.

Landing Page Optimisation

The results of an A/B split test with Landing Page Optimization software are an essential part of producing an effective website that delivers results. However, if you don’t take into account call tracking data, then the figures generated in the A/B test may not indicate the most effective landing page.


personalisation welcome

Web page personalisation provides your website users with personalised and relevant content.  By using data collected from a user’s prior experience on the website, web pages will display personalised content that helps improve customer engagement. Delacon’s call tracking data can be used alongside web data in this process to fine tune the personalisation of web content.


marketing automation integrations

Automation tools allow you to automate processes and workflows, allowing tasks to run in the background without human interaction. Delacon’s call analytics solution can be integrated with automation tools allowing call data to be incorporated in the automation process.