Integrated with significant Affiliate Marketing platforms

In a model that is entirely based around the financial reward for affiliates promoting products and services of business, it is only logical that both clicks and calls should be included in the reporting. This way the affiliate can be compensated for all leads they generate and not just those that can be tracked through online analytics platforms.

Delacon’s call tracking solution can be integrated with your affiliate marketing platform so that the call data can be analysed within the same software as click data. In this way, you can more accurately measure the performance of your affiliates and increase the return on investment from affiliate marketing activities.

Why integrate Call Tracking with Affiliate Marketing?

  • Better affiliate sales attribution
  • More accurate affiliate performance measurement
  • Recognise and reward calls from affiliate channels
  • More accurate identification of high performing affiliate channels
  • Increase ROI from affiliate marketing activities


As white-labelled affiliate tracking software, HasOffers gives customers the ability to track and manage their affiliate programs based on accurate attribution. It’s perfect for networks, agencies and media buyers who manage affiliate advertising programs of online and mobile offers.  HasOffers is made even more powerful with the inclusion of call tracking data.

Performance Horizon Group (PHG)

The Performance Horizon Group (PHG) proudly asserts that they are, “redefining how global brands manage performance marketing.” With an impressive platform, global advertisers and agencies their platform has the capacity to manage campaigns seamlessly and track data in real-time. The reporting functionality is particularly strong with dynamic, flexible and comprehensive capabilities. You’ll be able to view third-party affiliate data with ease.