Delacon’s call tracking solution is integrated with Google Analytics, so that you can analyse your call data together with your web traffic in your analytics accounts. You’ll be able to view and compare data relating to both online web enquiries and phone leads at the same time within one platform.

The process hinges around the concept of a call as a conversion. By considering a call as a goal, you’ll be able to identify every time a customer calls you from your website.

The following screenshots and videos demonstrate the types of call insights you can gain by sending call tracking data to Google Analytics.

Watch real-time call data populate a Google Analytics dashboard

Call Tracking with Organic Search

Call Tracking with Paid Search

Analyze the volume of calls from online campaigns

offline Report

Analyze the volume of paid keywords that generate calls

matched Search

Analyze the volume of calls that come from a landing page


Compare data of both clicks and calls side by side

clicks side by side

Analyse call data that comes from different regions

map global

Analyze call data that comes from different cities

map city

Analyze the customer journey through your website that led to a call

goal path

Analyse survey data collected on a call

Our team can show you how to create custom reports within Google Analytics that will give you insights into call data particularly relevant to your business.

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