Integrated with Landing Page Optimization tools

The results of an A/B split test are an essential part of producing an effective website that delivers results. However if you don’t take into account call tracking data, then the figures generated in the A/B test may not indicate the most effective landing page. In a theoretical example, a business may generate considerable email inquiry from one landing page but the comparison landing page may generate fewer emails but more calls that lead to higher overall revenue.

Without the integration of call tracking and the inclusion of call tracking data, the business would inaccurately identify the most successful landing page in our theoretical example. Analyzing call tracking data together with online data, the user experience team will receive a more accurate measurement of the most effective landing page when testing two pages in an A/B environment.

Delacon’s call tracking solution is integrated with Optimizely.

Why integrate Landing Optimization tools with Call Tracking?

  • To conduct more accurate A/B split testing of landing pages
  • To obtain accurate measurement of goals such as conversions
  • To make optimization decisions based on the most accurate measurement
  • To more effectively improve landing page content that enhances the customer journey and experience



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