Sophisticated personalisation engine to drive conversions

Our integration with 247 allows our call tracking data to be used by 247’s personalization platform to personalize the content on a webpage for a returning visitor. Personalization provides a more personal customer journey, helping to increase the chances of conversion.

Personalized content may include the web copy, images, or ads served on a page.

Call data captured, such as the state called from, device used, the ISP, keyword or search term used, or the IVR option selected can all be used by 247 to serve personalized content.

The 247 platform uses prediction, understanding, orchestration and learning to improve customer engagement. By anticipating customer needs, web interactions can be put more in context and improve engagement.


The platform predicts customer intent using data from a number of sources. This means content can be personalized in real time.


Increase engagement by using consistent, in-context conversational experiences across IVR, mobile apps and virtual agents.


Provides the opportunity for customers to transition between multiple channels during their customer journey.


Uses machine learning to make your customer’s experience better and more effective.