SuperTag allows you to easily implement and update any tag on any website with limited or no IT involvement. Once you have a SuperTag account, you can manage all of your tags via SuperTag’s Tag Library and Tag Tree.

In addition to Delacon’s call tracking code, SuperTag supports a vast array of tags such as Google Analytics & AdWords, Marin, Site Catalyst, MailChimp, and Facebook.

SuperTag offers you an easy-to-use online user interface, enabling marketers to manage tags without intensive technology support. After you’ve created an account, login to your SuperTag account at You can then click on Tag Library, select the Delacon Tag and add your custom Delacon CIDs and MIDs.

You can also create a site for testing purposes so that nothing goes live until it is fully tested and proven to be working properly. You can also create rules for each of your tags.

For example, if you only wanted to have your tags to activate on certain pages, you could create a specific rule for this. You then grab your custom SuperTag JavaScript code and install it on your website. Once deployed, your SuperTag is active.


The advantages of using SuperTag include:

  • Implement tags without JavaScript skills or IT support.
  • Enable central platform for tag management and auditing.
  • Improve page load speed across all websites and devices.
  • Simplify web analytics implementation and maintenance.
  • De-duplicate conversions and re-negotiate CPA deals.
  • Track purchase path for advanced media attribution.
  • Enable A/B tests and heat maps to improve conversions.
  • Turn any content element into a dynamic targeting area.
  • Enable re-targeting to increase ad response rates.
  • Trigger proactive live chats to improve user experience.
  • Target phone numbers to boost call centre effectiveness.
  • Identify customers and push key events into any CRM platform.
  • Collect raw clickstream data for advanced analytics.

In essence, using SuperTag will give you the ability to add and modify your website tags with ease.