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Google recognises the value of call data in AdWords

Google recently announced an addition to their AdWords platform. The search giant will now give advertisers the ability to track call conversions for customers who click on a paid ad and then call the business after browsing the website. Until now, Google captured data on web based conversions and calls that were initiated directly from the paid mobile ad.

There’s no denying that calls are important. In the blog article, Google acknowledged that 70 per cent of all mobile searchers call a business directly from search ads. Calls generally attract higher quality leads and the prospect is usually closer to the end of the sales funnel.

Here at Delacon, we are key advocates for encouraging business to accurately track all campaign sources that generate calls. With this data you’ll be able to optimise your campaigns and maximise your return on investment. In today’s splintered marketing world, there are probably a variety of sources that are delivering calls to your business. It’s essential to take all of these sources into account – not simply one platform in isolation.

With Delacon you can track calls from all sources

By using Delacon’s

solution, you’ll have the ability to track calls from all marketing sources. In this way you’ll be able to follow the customer journey regardless of which online path they take – whether that be from Google paid, organic search, display advertising and social media. And of course there’s also offline marketing sources such as print, television, radio and billboards.

The insights you gain from a complete view of all your marketing spend will give you a total understanding of what works specifically for your business.

By only using the AdWords tracking option you won’t be able to identify the call outcome – whether it was a sale or an enquiry. Whereas a more traditional call tracking solution, such as Delacon’s option, you can capture not only what happened before the call but also the result of the call.

With Delacon you can send detailed call data into many platforms

In addition to optimisation, Delacon’s call tracking solution is integrated with a range of leading software applications that you’re probably already using. Our solution can send call tracking data into Salesforce, Optimizely, Kenshoo, Marin, Marketo, Acquisio, Omniture, as well as Google. Delacon’s team also work closely with our clients to perform custom integrations so that you can analyse call tracking data in the platforms that are of most benefit to you.

By sending call tracking data into CRM software you’ll be able to accurately match the sale to the call – regardless of the timeline of the sales funnel. With call data in a bid optimisation platform you’ll be able to let the system automatically re-calibrate the bidding with the inclusion of the all important call data. Analysing call data in Optimizely will lead to a correct identification of a better performing landing page under an A/B test.

Many agencies and marketers recognise the value of keeping advertising platforms independent of the analytics tools used to analyse them.

With Delacon you have sophisticated call management features

Furthermore, by using call tracking numbers there are various tools that help you to more effectively manage the calls that come into your business. Call feedback is a post call survey that allows data to be collected in real time for marketers that require progress of campaigns as they progress. We can also send calls based on the postcode of the caller or transferred to the nearest store depending on where the caller’s location. Additionally the ability to record calls is of significant benefit to companies that regularly train their staff and endeavour to maintain superior levels of quality. These and more advanced call management features are the hallmark of leading call tracking solutions today.

To maximise the analysis and application of call data – it’s imperative to collect data from all sources and use the sophisticated telephony functionality to streamline the efficiency of your business.

Top 3 points to consider

1) If you don’t abide by Google’s rules you’ll lose your call tracking number, “at any time.” With Delacon, you own the call tracking numbers.

2) With Google’s solution, there’s no way to respond to missed calls. Delacon’s solution captures the caller’s phone number so that you never miss a call.

3) Google’s call tracking numbers can only be used for AdWords. With Delacon, you decide what you want to do with the call tracking numbers.

Comprehensive comparison document

Review our comparison document, for a comprehensive analysis of Delacon’s Advanced Call Tracking Solution and Google’s Ad Extension. Here’s a complete summary of Delacon’s Advanced Call Tracking Solution.

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