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Organic search as an important source of calls

The ability to optimise paid online campaigns with the inclusion of call data is a fantastic reason to use the services of a call tracking provider such as Delacon.

But what about another principle area of traffic to your website – organic searches? Companies are investing significant resources into ensuring their website features as close to the top of a search engine rank as possible for the most important keywords relevant to their business.

The success of a search engine optimisation campaign can be judged based on several factors. First and foremost the fact that the site comes up number one in Google is important. This in turn will most likely lead to an increase in traffic to the website. These are both important methods to justify SEO resources but do you then know all the conversions that occur through organic traffic?

It’s easy to analyse online submission form conversions that originated through an organic search in Google Analytics. However calls are just as important – if not more so. Callers are generally more intent on purchasing and they also attract a higher value sale.

With Delacon’s call tracking solution, you’ll be able to accurately identify the callers that came from an organic search and the journey they took around your website.

This data is of particular interest when used in conjunction with SEM call data. You may discover that the majority of callers click on an organic link – in which case it would be beneficial to optimise your marketing spend more towards SEO campaigns and away from paid campaigns.

Alternatively, you may discover that prospects who call from an organic search enter different keywords, where shown, than prospects that call from a paid search. Therefore it would be pivotal that these distinct keywords are engineered so that the paid ad features prominently and the organic link ranks highly.

You can even become extremely sophisticated and route callers to different termination points depending on the keywords they used. If a significant volume of prospects enter, “cheap” as part of the keyword phrase then they could be transferred to a team devoted to price-conscious leads. If a significant volume of prospects enter, “best,” or “quality,” then these leads might be best suited to a sales team that are trained in converting high value sales.

For full visibility and optimisation opportunities it’s essential to take all online sources into account. This way you can not only divert appropriate resources within each source but also compare sources against each other so that your entire marketing spend is working to its full potential.

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