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If Santa used Delacon’s call tracking solution which features would he find most useful?

Given that one of the largest business enterprises in the world today is about to embark on its yearly mission, here at Delacon we thought it’d be interesting to hypothesize around how Father Christmas would most benefit from utilising a call tracking solution such as the one provided by Delacon.

Call recording
Santa’s not as spritely as he used to be. Sure he’s bubbly and friendly, but with old age he doesn’t always catch every word. But not to worry – if he doesn’t quite hear the toy request he can always play back the call recording at a later time to ensure that all children receive exactly what they want for Christmas.

Call routing
With all the millions of eager kids around the world, Santa can’t possibly speak to all of them. So Santa decided to employ Delacon’s sophisticated call routing functionality. The system automatically detects which country the child is calling from and diverts the call to the most appropriate elf that’s fluent in that native language. This way Santa makes sure all the orders are handled appropriately.

Call notifications
Outside of the standard work day, the calls do continue. But thanks to the call email notification, the team never miss a single call from any child. The emails are sent direct to Santa who always makes time to phone back the callers and gives them the opportunity to place their order.

Call feedback survey
At the end of every call, Santa finds the call feedback survey particularly useful because this is the way that he can nominate whether that child has been naughty or nice. Using custom IVR menuing he presses one on his telephone keypad if the youngster is nice and he presses two if the child doesn’t deserve a present this year. Luckily, he rarely ever presses two.

Keywords available in real time
Through Delacon’s technical integration with Salesforce, Santa can see the keywords that the children entered into the search engine before clicking through his website and making a call. This real-time functionality helps to speed up the conversations so that Santa can speak with all the children – time is of the essence in the North Pole.

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