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Call activities automatically created with Delacon’s Salesforce integration

Does your business face the challenge of accurately identifying how many times a prospect contacts your sales team before they become a customer?

If you’re using a CRM such as Salesforce, it’s relatively easy for emails to be automatically logged against the Account and the Contact objects. Each email could be an indication of how much toing and froing goes on.

But what about prospects that decide to also use the telephone? Emails are an important method of communication – but phone calls are equally as important if not more so. A conversation between the prospect and your sales team can potentially push the lead down the sales funnel faster; helping to close the deal sooner.

Your team could manually create a new activity every time the prospect calls – but this can be onerous on the BDM especially if this information is purely for marketing purposes to gain a greater understanding of the prospect journey prior to signing up as a customer.

Here at Delacon, we have a solution to this dilemma look these up.

Through Delacon’s integration with Salesforce, we have included a key piece of functionality around each telephone call. By matching the telephone number of the caller with the number included against either the Account or the Contact object, our system will automatically create a new activity each time the prospect calls.

This way the system will take care of logging the call without the need for the BDM to manually enter the activity.

In addition, the Delacon system will also populate this new activity with key data around the call that can also be taken into consideration when gaining additional insights that inspired the call. When phoning during a live browsing session, our solution can tell you for example the search engine, the landing page, the keywords and the device or browser.

With each call, you could compare the various methods the caller used to find your website each time. Perhaps they used a paid campaign to first find your business before returning directly to your website. Alternatively maybe they used generic keywords for the first search but for the second search they used brand keywords to find your website before making a call.

It’s these types of insights that you can analyse to gain a greater understanding of how prospects interact with your company before becoming a customer.

Importantly, this information is available to the sales team through our real-time integration with Salesforce.  The telephone number of the caller or a unique call ID can be sent to the telephone screen of the operator – who then enters this number into the search field of Salesforce to find either the Account, the Contact or the Activity.

The sales person can then see all the previous interactions this prospect has had with the business and also the online data surrounding the latest call – all while the prospect is on the telephone.

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