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Ad Copy Feature

As a marketing manager, have you ever wondered what ad or piece of communication prompted someone to call your business? Our latest feature now allows you to see this.

Our Ad Copy feature will push the copy of the Google Ad that prompted the call to your CRM via an API. It can also be viewed in the Delacon Portal. The feature is also able to capture the ad copy even if the caller doesn’t click on the ad but simply calls the business using the phone number in the ad.

How does it work?

Through our API, we are able to capture the actual copy of the ad the user clicks on or calls from and push this information into the Delacon portal.

Major benefits

The major benefit of the feature is that they can see which ads or campaigns drove phone calls to the business and if those calls resulted in sales. This will greatly assist in CPL and CPA accuracy and in optimization of advertising campaigns.

This data is available alongside other call tracking information such as call start time, call duration and the location the call is made from.

Used in conjunction with IVR Capture – our feature which captures the menu options pressed by the caller –  a marketing team can also see which ads drove calls to various departments such as sales, accounts or support.

Where will I be able to see the data?

The AdCopy data will be available in the AdWords report in the new Delacon portal:

AdCopy Feature Screen Shot

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