How Delacon’s integration with Google’s DoubleClick improves marketing optimisation

One of the benefits of Delacon’s call tracking solutions is our ability to integrate with a number of software platforms – from CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, to analytics platforms including Google and Adobe Analytics.

Our ability to integrate makes Delacon’s call tracking solution incredibly valuable to anyone running online or digital marketing campaigns.

DoubleClick by Google is one of the platforms we integrate with.

What is DoubleClick?

DoubleClick is a technology platform that ‘allows you to create, transact and manage digital advertising’. While similar to AdWords in that both platforms can manage ad campaigns, bid management and provide reporting, it is far more advanced.

The more advanced features that DoubleClick offers includes:

DoubleClick and the Floodlight Tag

One of DoubleClick’s key features is the ability to use conversion optimisation. This is done using a Floodlight tag.

A Floodlight tag is an HTML tag that is placed on your website. It is designed to specifically track conversions on your website, whether these are from a web form inquiry, purchase from an online store or a phone call.

The type of conversion you want to track is entirely up to you.

Floodlight is used across the DoubleClick for:

Floodlight activity data is stored by specific floodlight tags. The data is available to all platforms within DoubleClick including both DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

By being able to use the same Floodlight tag across both DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick Campaign Manager, you can track conversions from both search and display ads, increasing conversion data accuracy.

Using DoubleClick for Campaign Optimisation

DoubleClick and Events

Events that occur on your website, such as a phone call or web form completion, video play, click etc. can be tracked and sent into DoubleClick. These events can then be attributed back to the campaign or keyword that was bid on that generated the event.

The event information collected can help to optimise your campaigns to bid on terms that created those events.

Goal Bidding

One of the key benefits of DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick Bid Manager is the ability to set goals for your cost-per-lead bidding, so you do not exceed your budget.

For example, you may set up a goal to achieve a CPL of below $100.00. DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick Bid Manager will look to see how much to bid on keyword to achieve this CPL goal and make sure you don’t go over it.

DoubleClick and Sales data

One of the major benefits of DoubleClick is the ability to feed sales data from your CRM or Google Analytics back into DoubleClick Search, allowing it to calculate your CPA. It can then take this CPA data and bid on terms that have provided sales to your business.

DoubleClick Search can even take this further and can bid on terms that have delivered high value sales.


In your re-targeting campaigns, DoubleClick Search can exclude certain products from being advertised to customers. For example if someone buys product ‘X’ from your business, this sales data is fed back into DoubleClick and that person will be excluded from seeing ads displaying product ‘X” and will instead be shown ads for more relevant products.

Delacon and DoubleClick

Delacon’s integration with DoubleClick allows for call tracking data to be pushed into the platform in the same way it would be pushed into Google Analytics or AdWords.

Like the AdWords integration, the integration into DoubleClick provides you with the information to see which display and search ads are driving calls to your business.

This information allows DoubleClick to bid on campaigns and keywords that deliver phone calls to your business.

How does it work?

When a call is made from a website landing page after the caller has clicked on a DoubleClick Search or Display Ad, Delacon’s system fires a conversion event into DoubleClick.

DoubleClick can then use this data to bid on terms or keywords that generated phone calls

Integration with a CRM and DoubleClick

You can take DoubleClick’s role even further if you have a CRM integration. Through a CRM integration, such as Salesforce, phone leads are automatically created as new open leads in your CRM. This not only makes sure that all calls are captured and not missed but also allows you to track the entire sales journey from start to finish.

If a sale is eventually made, this information (such as the closed/won opportunity) can be fed back into DoubleClick. By cominbing this sale data with the original lead source information, DoubleClick can work out your CPA by dividing total campaign spend by the number of sales.

The value of the sale can also be pushed into DoubleClick, allowing DoubleClick to use this value to bid on keywords or terms which deliver high value sales.

DoubleClick can use this data to bid on keywords, run campaigns or run individual banners that not only delivered sales but delivered high value sales at the lowest CPA.

By using the integration along with our Call Tracking solution, you can achieve better results and learnings from your campaigns, to not only increase leads or inquiries but also sales, as well as lower costs through campaign optimisation.

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