Integrated with significant Business Intelligence platforms

To efficiently use Business Intelligence software it’s essential to have all relevant data. This data presents businesses with great opportunities to formulate a range of reports and to drill down into the information collected to uncover unique insights and observations. Most interestingly, this data can help organisations make informed predictions on future customer behaviour. If business can accurately determine what their customers will do in the future, then they can devise a strategic direction that emulates future customer trends.

For any business that uses the telephone as a contact point, calls are a key component of data. Telephone conversations can offer a wealth of information about your customers, your products and why customers have a need to speak to a call centre operator. With an understanding of the customer’s journey that lead to a phone call, what happens on that call and the result of the call, business can use this data together with other collected information in a Business Intelligence tool to plan, strategise and optimise for the future.

Why integrate Call Tracking with Business Intelligence?

  • To collect data on the journey of all customers
  • To make informed decisions on business strategies
  • To make informed predictions on future customer trends
  • To identify emerging market opportunities