Fully Integrating Software To Streamline Business Operations

Fully integrating software to streamline business operations

According to Wikipedia, the font of all knowledge, integrated software is, “software for personal computers that combines the most commonly used functions of many productivity software programs into one application.”

The article, which was most likely written those with an innate understanding of how computer systems work effectively, goes on to site Microsoft Office as a classic example of various individual software elements that seamlessly integrates with each other.

But what about software that isn’t developed by the same organisation?  Software that’s developed in isolation but then a need arises for that software to talk to another individual piece of software.

In recent years, especially since the introduction of cloud computing, the desire for organisations to use an integrated approach has become a pivotal part of modern business practice. And rightly so, because ultimately it makes our work life much easier.

Here at Delacon, our development team, have been busy coding over the past year or so to ensure that our clients can benefit from interpreting call tracking data on a variety of software platforms that they are already using. Each software package has its own set purpose, but the sole purpose is then greatly enhanced when call data is fed into the platform.

If we take the example of customer relations management or CRM as its more commonly known as – by automatically sending the call information into the tool then it makes it easier to manage new leads as they enter the system and keeping an activity log of all correspondence whether the customer contacts the business using the telephone or via email. Following similar logic, companies who use marketing automation software such as Marketo can also benefit from sending call data into the system either through the CRM or directly.

Essentially – tracking calls and gaining a greater understanding of the customers journey from online through to offline can give you fantastic insights but when call tracking is used in conjunction with other platforms then call tracking becomes a powerful instrument that can significantly help business streamline their operations.

The future is an integrated approach to software where no one piece sits in isolation but each element can feed and influence the other element.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.