The Failings Of Attempting Call Tracking Without Delacons Software Solution

The perils of attempting call tracking without Delacon’s software solution

The team at Delacon pride themselves on the accuracy of our call tracking solution. Through the innovative use dynamic numbers that track individual web sessions, our call tracking solution matches each customer’s online website journey with the telephone call. Similarly, by assigning a dedicated call tracking number to a marketing campaign, our system can accurately determine calls generated by the marketing initiative.

Our automated software system is the most accurate method to track calls.

However, companies may decide to track the volume of calls through other means without employing dedicated software that has been developed by a team of experts in technology coding and development.

One option is tasking the call centre operator to ask the lead how they heard about the business and then entering the response into the CRM. This method relies heavily on the integrity of the sales team. When commission structures and quotas come into play, asking the sales team to ask further questions purely for data analysis may not yield the best results. When companies have dozens of sales staff each competing against each other for top salesperson of the month, they may decide to enter any value just to get to the next caller as quickly as possible.

You could treat your website pages in a similar fashion to non-web based marketing campaigns and place a different phone number on various pages of the website. This is a particularly cumbersome method and is a weird experience for prospects. It also somewhat restricts the online data being collected on each individual prospect. With dynamic numbers you can capture more data about the customer than with a number unique placed on different web pages.

A rather tricky way to estimate the volume of calls is to partially hide the phone number on the website. Not only is this extremely poor user experience, what you’re measuring is the click to reveal the phone number and not the actual call. Just because someone clicks on the button to reveal the contact number doesn’t mean they’ll actually use the phone number.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s not worth having anything less than accurate data – especially when significant budgets are involved. Determining the success of marketing initiatives based on accurate and complete data is really the only way to optimise campaign spend. Other methods really just don’t cut it.

Lyndon Barnett

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