Call To Action Keywords In Television Advertising

Call to action keywords in television advertising

I’m sure you’ve seen an example of these types of advertisements on television – where an advertiser tries to encourage prospects to enter select keywords into a search engine for more information on the product or service that they’re offering.

If they’re hoping for an organic listing, it sounds like a relatively risky concept given that there are various search engines out there, each operating with unique algorithms. Who’s to say that the very day after the release of the advertisement that a search engine releases an algorithm update that throws everything into disarray? Or a competitor comes up with a miraculous SEO strategy that displaces the well laid plans?

The company may have online paid advertising behind the television ads. In which case, they’ll need to ensure that their SEM ad is listed as number one – which also comes with the associated risks that I don’t necessarily need to go into.

On the flip side, with well chosen, select keywords that regularly reveal the appropriate result for either paid or organic over a period of time – there’s a good chance that the company will enjoy the necessary call to action for the duration of the advertising campaign.

While a measurement of success might simply be to drive additional traffic to the website, it would be a wasted exercise not to also calculate the next step in the sales process – the conversion from browsing the website to contacting the business.

With a contact form, this conversion is easily measured with a goal in Google Analytics.

But what happens if a prospect phones the organisation? How can you accurately measure the volume of leads who see the advertisement, jump online with the guided keywords, click on the link, browse the website and then pick up a phone and contact the business for more information or to make a sale?

The only way to definitively track the volume of calls is by using an advanced call tracking solution.

With Delacon’s offering, you’ll be able to assess whether the paid keywords you’re using as the key driver are successful to delivering calls from your website. Each call can be attributed to the paid keyword.

And by integrating our call tracking solution with Salesforce you’ll be able to accurately attribute the television advertising campaign to the sale regardless of when the prospect becomes a customer. It doesn’t matter if they don’t buy for weeks or for months – the data will stay with the account in Salesforce.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.