Real Time Call Data

Make on-the-fly campaign decisions with real-time call data

To analyse call data in Google Analytics, Delacon recommends using two different over-arching report types.

The first is what we call the offline call report. This is a custom report that you need to create within your profile. The purpose of this report is to account for all callers to your business that used a call tracking number including calls that cannot be attributed to a web browsing session. The data is sent to your analytics account each night and contains information such as total call duration and whether the call was answered or not answered. The offline call report is great for tracking total volumes of calls.

On the other hand, our solution has a dedicated report for calls that take place while the prospect is on your website during the browsing session. We refer to this report as the live call report. The captured call data is sent from our system into Google Analytics approximately 10 minutes after the call ends.

This live call report is perfect for marketers that appreciate the benefits making campaign decisions while the campaign is unfolding. Being able to change direction, reallocate budgets and optimise on-the-go can help ensure that your campaign exceeds expectations. You might even be able to save a campaign from sinking.

After creating the call as a goal conversion, the live call information is accessed in the behaviour section of Analytics. You’ll be able to identify the volume of calls from a landing page by matching the Delacon goal conversion number against the page. By adding in the secondary dimension of “keyword,” you’ll see the organic keywords the generated calls for non-Google search engines.

Additionally, the data from AdWords campaigns can be analysed in real time by going to the AdWords section in Analytics and again matching the Delacon goal conversion against the Matched Search Queries for paid keywords, destination URLS or Campaigns. You’ll be able to use these valuable insights to make informed decisions based on all available data.

The post- call survey data is also available in real time by Delacon customers who have migrated their Analytics account from Classic to Universal. By clicking on behaviour, events, overview and event label you can see the post-survey fields automatically pulling through from the IVR. Select the corresponding label, whether that be a sale, enquiry or complaint to analyse the data collected from each post-call outcome. To see the value of the sales, click on the label “sale.”

With Delacon’s call tracking solution – real-time campaign data is available to you in the platforms that you’re already using.

Lyndon Barnett

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