Custom Implemenation

Custom call tracking and reporting implementations

As a marketer, you may use your imagination to develop interesting and unusual campaigns that deliver cut through for your company or your client’s organisation. The traditional advertising methods may no longer be enough to ensure campaign success. Regardless of how you devise the campaign, the core principle of measuring conversions from both clicks and calls is still important. But the difference now is that with an individual campaign, you may require a consultative approach to make sure that all relevant data is captured accurately.

While our standard advanced call tracking solution with the associated java script and dynamic numbers is great for your website, it may be the case that the style and structure of your campaign could require a custom implementation. This is where our experienced call tracking experts and in-house developers excel. They can take your campaign vision and combine that with our unparalleled knowledge of data to develop a bespoke solution that will ensure that you can measure campaign success and optimise with complete knowledge.

The process of creating a custom call tracking implementation is quite straight forward. Our team are happy to chat to you about the campaign and how it’s structured. We can also liaise with any stakeholders such as the agency looking after individual elements of the campaign and explain to them how our software operates and what’s required for the tracking to run smoothly.

Once everybody is on board, our developers will work their magic and create a custom solution that’s ready to be implemented.

Our work doesn’t necessarily have to end with the implementation – we can also offer advice on the most appropriate reporting tools for your needs. Maybe a custom Google dashboard is the best place to see all your campaign data that includes both clicks and calls. Alternatively perhaps it would be advantageous to send the data into Salesforce and monitor the progress via a Salesforce dashboard. You could also have your campaigns automatically re-calibrated by sending the call data into a bid management platform such as Kenshoo, Marin or Acquisio.

Regardless of how wacky or how creative your campaign is, it’s always best to involve the Delacon team from the start so that we can work together with you to develop a fantastic call tracking solution that will give you complete visibility on the progress and the results of the campaign.

Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon has always been fascinated by technology.