Extra Tracking

Identify the web page a prospect calls from

With a simple addition to the standard Delacon call tracking javascript code, as a marketer you could identify either the website page the prospect telephoned from or the complete journey around your website that the caller took before they made a phone call.

Here at Delacon, we call this special code Extra Tracking. There are two parameters required: extTrkStr (mandatory) and extTrkAction (optional). These should be placed at the beginning of Delacon’s tracking code on every page of your site where you have added the javascript code.

This data is particularly useful for marketers that want to analyse the volume of callers from the landing page compared with the page they called from after navigating around the website.

Depending on your business objectives, maybe you want to convert the leads direct from the landing page – in which case it’s essential that the call landing page and the page called from are the same. Alternatively, maybe you want to encourage leads to navigate through the website for more information. In this scenario you’ll be able to verify your objectives by identifying different pages for the landing page and the called from page.

Using the functionality of Google Universal Analytics this data is relatively easy to compare. Delacon’s Extra Tracking feature can be configured as a custom dimension that can be mapped through to GA.

The best way to compare this data side by side is by configuring widgets in a custom dashboard.

The call landing page widget can be configured with the dimension Landing Page and the metric Sessions. You should then filter the data using the custom dimension Company ID (as mapped from the Delacon system) and the Regular Expression ([1-9]+). This full report is located within GA by clicking through to Behavior, Landing Page and adding in the conversion goal of the call.

The widget for the page the prospect called from can be configured using the custom dimension Extra Tracking that you previously mapped to the Delacon system and the metric Unique Events. This full report is located within GA by clicking through to Behavior, Events, Top Events and adding in the Secondary dimension of Extra Tracking.

We also include a column in the detailed call log of the Delacon reporting tool for the Extra Tracking data.

Lyndon Barnett

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