Online Advertising Concept

How you can tell if your online advertising campaigns are turning into phone calls

Any business with an online or digital presence knows the importance of online advertising. Whether it’s Search Engine Advertising such as Google or Yahoo Paid or Display advertising, it can be an incredibly affective and affordable form of advertising omeprazole dosage.

But do you even know if your advertising is working? Are you measuring success and if so, how are you measuring this success?

For companies which are largely based online, especially for sales, tracking the success of online advertising campaigns is relatively simply. You simply use Google Analytics or a similar analytics platform and using the Source report, you can see which sources (i.e. which campaigns) are turning into leads. By putting goals on specific pages (such as a thank you or check out page) you can see which campaigns directly lead to sales.

You can also capture your cost per acquisition this way. Simply by taking your advertising spend and dividing by the number of goals or sales, you can work out your CPA. For example if you spend $5,000 on a campaign which yields 20 online sale, your CPA would be $250.00

But what about my phone leads?

If you are a business which advertises online to generate phone calls as leads, how do you know which campaigns are actually turning into phone calls?

This is where call tracking comes in. A call tracking number can be added to your online advertising campaigns – you can have different numbers for different campaigns or different numbers for different mediums – so you can directly track phone calls from these ads.

If no phone number is displayed directly in the ad, when a user clicks through from the ad and sees your phone on the landing page and calls through, our call tracking solution can pick up that the user originally came from a display ad and which display ad it came from.

How does this data help me?

By capturing this data, you can see which campaigns and specific ads are generating phone calls to your business. It allows you to better optimize your campaigns to attract more and better quality leads which will hopefully turn into sales. It can also allow you to remove poorly performing campaigns which can ultimately help save you money.