Delacon Call Tracking Code Now Using gzip Compression

The Delacon call tracking code is now utilising gzip compression, a significant change to our code to help improve your overall website performance.

What is gzip compression?

gzip is a form of data compression, in which  data – in our case our JavaScript tracking code –  is made smaller for various benefits such as saving bandwidth and improving website speed.

How does it work?

When a webpage – that has the Delacon call tracking code embedded in it – loads, the web browser sends a request to the Delacon server for specific call tracking information and the server sends this request back to the web browser as a file.

The gzip compression zips this file – reducing the file size – before sending it back to the web browser and the web browser unzips the file when it is received.

By compressing the file, it reduces the time it takes to send and open the file, potentially increasing your websites performance.

Is there anything I need to do to make this work?

No, this is now a default feature of our call tracking code.

What is the main benefit of gzipping?

The main benefit of gzipping is the ability to reduce file size, therefore hopefully increasing website speed and improving website performance, which can have SEO benefits.