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Delacon now integrated with Optimizely X

Delacon’s call tracking solution is now integrated with Optimizely X, Optimizely’s upgrade to their classic version.

Optimizely X is an experimentation platform, allowing businesses to build digital experiments – including A/B testing and personsalisation – to help improve customer experience.

It supersedes Optimizely Classic and for existing ‘Classic’ users, it is simple to transition across to Optimizely X.

Delacon’s call tracking solution is integrated with both platforms, allowing you to see which experiments or page variations are delivering more call conversions.

Feature 1: Optimizely X Web Experimentation

Optimizely X’s A/B testing solution, it allows you to create page experiments and variations for easy A/B testing across your website. The new platform allows for experimentation across multiple devices including web, mobile, iOS and Android.

Feature 2: Personalisation

Optimizely X’s Personalisation feature allows you to personalise web content based on what you know about your customers. It connects browsing behavior and demographic information with 1st and 3rd party data to create a personalised experience.

Feature 3: Recommendations

Use AI and machine learning to provide recommendations to customers browsing your website based on previous behaviours.

Feature 4: Mobile

Allows you to perform experiments for iOS and Android Apps without App Store or Google Play reviews. New features can be rolled out and personal experiences delivered all through the app, letting you test messaging, calls to action and lead generation initiatives.

Optimizely X and Call Tracking

The integration with Delacon and Optimizely X allows you to test which experiments are delivering the most phone calls. Not only can you see which experiment delivered the most phone calls, but you can include additional call tracking data captured to see which experiment delivered:

  • The most calls from a specific region.
  • The longest average call duration.
  • The most sales intent calls i.e. which page generated more calls to the sales department/team.
  • The most calls from specific paid search campaigns.

Learn more about our Optimizely X Integration!

To find out more about the Optimizely X Integration and how Delacon’s call tracking solution can help you, please contact us.