Speech Analytics For Businesses

Five Ways in which Speech Analytics can Revolutionize your Business

Speaking with your customers is the most important element of customer service- it adds the human element to all your transactions and plays an integral part in developing and building long-standing relationships. Speech Analytics looks to strengthen this process by providing you with the tools needed to optimize each call. Our Speech Analytics technology transcribes and analyses your inbound calls to allow for an advanced understanding of your customers and their needs.

Get an insight into what your customers really want

Delacon’s Speech Analytics provides interesting insights into why each call was made. Our Artificial Intelligence engine is able to automatically sort calls into categories using “positive” and “negative” terms and various generic and customized keywords used by your customers during conversations. These factors determine the reason for their call as well as customer sentiment. The Speech Analytics technology picks up on words and phrases such as “sale”, “assistance” or “order reference number” to appropriately categorize all calls.

While some keywords are important for all types of businesses, others may be very specific for yours- this is why your keywords can be carefully preselected. Having access to this type of data can allow you to gain a better understanding into what types of calls are being made and construct strategies that will convert your callers into customers.

Understand where breakage may occur in your customers’ journey

There may be a number of reasons breakage occurs in your customers’ journey. Speech Analytics allows access to information that can assist in identifying lost opportunities as well as uncovering ways in which you can optimize current operations to provide a frictionless and simple experience for each customer. By gaining an insight into the types of calls you are receiving and when you are receiving them, you can ensure that you are correctly staffed- and that your staff are well prepared for the calls that they will be receiving.

Streamline your marketing

By identifying the types of calls you are receiving and understanding what is being said, you can streamline your marketing campaigns. The Call Categorizer report in Speech Analytics shows the overall statistics of all the calls during a selected interval. This report helps to understand how many of these calls result in meaningful conversations; and provides additional insights into which types of calls your business is mainly receiving.

Trend analysis will help you to dissect the impact of any marketing campaign, automatically recognize lead or sales calls, mark support issues, or identify the actual call driver and multiple call drivers. Additionally, Speech Analytics is able to provide relevant and meaningful keywords and phrases which can be used to fine-tune marketing campaigns to better attract targeted customers. Access to this tool will assist in creating a tailored experience for each customer, ultimately providing a better standard of customer service.

Equip your staff with the skills to succeed

Speech Analytics can assist with internal training to ensure your staff are equipped with all the tools needed to provide your customers with their best possible experience. By effectively listening to every call, you can assign values to a conversation based on your own metrics to come up with a lead score. Lead scoring can help work out which agents are performing best and allow an opportunity to provide additional training to staff needing some assistance.

Transcriptions and recordings of calls can be especially useful in training scenarios and allow for agents to listen to calls and understand ways in which they can improve. Are agents using the correct scripting; and how are you customers responding? By gaining access into these important insights you will be able to determine which strategies are leading to conversions and which campaigns are most successful and effective.

Quality Control

Make informed decisions by having all the information in front of you. Speech Analytics provide an insight into the operational side of your organization and assists with quality assurance. When your business is receiving a high volume of calls, it is often impossible to listen to each and every single call. Speech Analytics eliminates the hard work by listening to calls on your behalf and categorizing them in a simple and efficient way, bringing to attention any areas that need to be addressed and highlighting what is working well. Making small but significant improvements can often lead to huge positive changes.

Speech Analytics will provide you with the most accurate snapshot of the entire customer journey. To find out more, get in contact with Delacon today!