New User Management Tool

Adding New Users Has Never Been Easier

Delacon’s New User Management is an important tool for our clients, as it provides a simple process to enable instant creation of new additional users without any external assistance from Delacon support.

This is especially big news for agencies- as it means primary users will now be able to create additional user logins for staff members and manage multiple clients with ease and flexibility.

You can access this new feature by clicking the email address on the top right-hand corner of Delacon’s New Portal. When adding a new user, various levels of permissions can be selected (primary users will be able to select whether they’d like the additional user to have read only or full privileges access). You are able to create as many users as you like and it only takes seconds.

The primary user can also determine whether all CIDs (Service ID) under the MID (Master ID) are to be accessed by the additional user or only select Service IDs that apply to the newly added user.

Self-creation of new user profiles provides flexibility and reduces the need for customer support, putting you in control and saving you time.

If you would like to find out more about our New User Manager tool, please see the New User Guide, alternatively, don’t please don’t hesitate to get in contact.