Out Of Hours IVR

Out of Hours IVR Solutions to Accommodate all Call Flows

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution is a menu that allows callers to make a selection based on provided options by dialing in the relevant number. We’ve all heard the “dial 1 for sales or 2 to speak to a customer representative” as a very basic example of how this technology works. There are various IVR systems that accommodate various call flow requirements as well as more complex smart IVR solutions that enable self-service and automated customer support.

Delacon provides all types of IVR solutions, and have recently further expanded the capabilities of our standard IVR services where an additional IVR can be played out of hours. This can be custom built and allows greater scope for more specific call flows.

This specific IVR is an entirely different IVR menu to the clients’ regular IVR that gets activated out of hours to enable a different call flow for those who need it.

If your business has a different out of hour structure to that of standard working hours, the out of hours IVR is a useful tool to streamline your out of hours process.

IVR System allows your to collect information about your callers and direct the calls to the relevant department faster than ever. You are able to prioritise calls based on value and make sure the calls which are most profitable are routed to the correct agents to handle the enquiry.

An IVR system allows businesses with high call volumes to perform their best, and this new feature refines the process one step further. For more details about Delacon’s out of hour IVR service, please get in contact today!