International Caller ID Solution

International Caller ID Solution

Delacon have rolled out an exciting new feature that will assist businesses with obtaining their customers’ numbers in countries this service is usually unavailable due to restrictions.

Businesses in areas such as India, Singapore, Japan, the UK as well as many others are not able to pass through the original caller ID to the termination point, this function is in fact simply unavailable.

Delacon have developed a solution where we can assist businesses obtain the caller ID by sending out this original Caller ID to the end termination number in form of DTMF tones (which sound just like phone key presses, with each having a sound unique to a specific digit).

As soon as a call is answered, Delacon sends out a series of DTMF tones (corresponding to the original Caller number) to the device answering the call (which will in most instances be a PBX phone system). Here, upon receiving the DTMF tones, the client’s PBX phone system needs to decode and process the tones to display on the agent phone.

This solution requires for the client’s PBX phone system to have the ability to decode and process/display the DTMF tones sent by Delacon for the original callerID.

If you’d like some more details, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Delacon team today!