Delacon Release A Premium Feature For Fast And Effective Re Billing

Delacon Release a Premium Feature for Fast and Effective Re-billing

Is your billing process currently manual or automated? Delacon have released a new feature to help streamline SMB agencies and directories on billing their direct clients, as well as enable all Delacon clients with multiple business units to segment and streamline their billing processes. It is a powerful tool which allows agencies and directories to create additional revenue by adding their desired mark-up and sending the re-rated bill directly to their end customer.

Our new client invoices can be broken down by countries if you or your end client operate in more than one country or be segmented in any way you like- including services used by specific clients, regional segmentation- and more. You select exactly which CIDs (Customer IDs) each bill will apply to, which allows for seamless business unit segmentation.

You are also able to easily brand/white-label your invoice by uploading your company logo during configuration, so that the final product is sent from your chosen email address straight to your end client or correct business unit.

This is a game-changing tool for clients who would like to re-bill their customers upon receiving their Delacon bill or need to segment bills based on internal company criteria. The new re-billing feature is simple to use and can be accessed anytime via your Delacon portal.

You can quickly and efficiently generate invoices and send them over to your clients without using any third-party software or manual calculations. Our re-billing feature enables you to automatically set your own percentage or fixed rate value to apply to each invoice, saving you time and ensuring maximum convenience and useability.

The feature takes you through the exact fields that need to be populated, and then your invoice is ready to be sent out.

Save time on calculations and consolidation of data and re-bill your clients instantly.

If you would like some additional information, please see our re-billing integration guide, or get in contact with us today.