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Display your Delacon data in Tableau

Tableau allows you to combine data from multiple sources and display it in powerful analytics dashboards. Using Delacon’s integration with Google BigQuery, created by our in-house development team, you can now link your Delacon data to your Tableau account. You might have already started using infographics to display your web analytics – by integrating Delacon’s data with your Tableau dashboards you can add vital call tracking statistics to those reports.

Delacon’s Call Analytics and Reporting offers a range of ways to organise your data, all of which will enhance your marketing reporting. You’ll be able to track telephone conversions alongside online data, allowing you to make more informed decisions, and improve your marketing ROI.

You can integrate your Delacon data with Tableau using Google BigQuery. You can read more about how to connect your Delacon data to Tableau via BigQuery on our Support Site. If you would like to speak to our team about Delacon’s tools, reporting capabilities, or custom integrations for your platform, contact our team today.