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Improvement – choose which part of your account your users can manage

Delacon continues to improve its dedicated portal. In our latest update, we have made a small but crucial improvement to the process of creating a new user.

Until now, whenever you created a new user in the Delacon Portal, you were able to select whether they had ‘Read Only’ access, or ‘Manage’ access. Whilst these two options met the needs of most users, we knew that we could offer more customisation.

With our latest update to the New User Management feature, you can now define which parts of the portal you want your managers to have access to. We still have the ‘Read Only’ level of permission, which will allow your new user to access the portal and review the Reports tab, but we’ve updated how the ‘Manage’ permission level works.

When creating a new Manager, you can now define whether they have access to the Services tab, the Integrations tab, or both. This will allow you to have a greater degree of control over who can access what in your account, while still allowing your users to access every part of the portal that they need to.

This update has been automatically applied to the Delacon Portal, so you can start using it right away. You can read more about how to set up new users in our Support article.

If you’d like to talk to us about any aspect of the Delacon Portal, or want to know more about any of our services, please contact us today.