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Connect with your customers with SMS360 from Delacon

Delacon’s latest feature, SMS360, lets you follow up with your customers with a post-call SMS message. If a customer uses a mobile phone to call your number, you can send them an automatic text message as soon as they hang up.

You define what the message says, so whether you want to thank them for calling, provide supplementary information, or ask them for feedback, you can use SMS360.

Continue the conversation

Delacon’s SMS360 features take it a step further. The customer can choose to respond back with their own SMS message. When their SMS message is received by the Delacon system, it is converted into an email, which is delivered straight to an address that you can define. Any email replies that you send will in turn be converted back to SMS messages, and sent to your customer.

Expanding the ways that your customers can communicate with you means that you can keep in touch with customers who might have otherwise slipped away. People leading busy lives will appreciate the ability to interact at their own pace, rather than having to make time for a phone call.

Alternatively, you can ask them for feedback that they can complete at their leisure, instead of asking them to answer questions on the call. This could be a useful resource for customer opinions on your service, and by allowing the customer to choose when and where they want to complete a feedback survey will increase the likelihood that they’ll finish the job.

This powerful new feature also means that even if you can’t accept the initial call, you can still interact with the customer and close a sale that would have otherwise been lost. Calls that aren’t answered still get the post-call SMS, so encouraging the customer to ask more questions, or try an alternative method of communication, could keep the conversation going.

Built-in reporting

All of this extra communication is recorded in our Delacon Portal, where you can find all the information about the initial call that you would expect from our Call Tracking solution, alongside a full transcript of the subsequent SMS conversation. Our system can even track callers across several calls, so you’ll always have the full picture to hand. Combine this with the other analytics available to you from Delacon, and you have a powerful tool for turning leads into sales.

If you are already using Delacon Call Tracking, you can read about how to implement SMS360 in our step-by-step guide.

If you’re not yet using Delacon’s powerful Call Tracking features, including SMS360, let us give you a no-obligation live demo – just fill in your details here and we’ll be in touch.