Non Customer EDM SMS 360

How texting can amplify your engagement rate and help you develop and maintain customer relationships with the use of targeted communication tactics

Businesses often measure their performance on how well they’re able to retain their customers. One of the most important aspects of retention is how well they communicate with their customers. Communication allows for you to learn more about your customer’s needs and create personal relationships. Historically speaking to clients over the phone has been the predominant method of communication for businesses, but what happens when talking over the phone is not always possible?

Customers want speed and convenience and with the SMS360 feature a business can reach their customers instantly through sending a Post-Call SMS whenever they call you from their mobile phone. With the SMS360 feature a business is still able to create and develop personal customer relationships by providing an alternative method for customers who wish to interact at their own pace. When your customers are given the flexibility to communicate on their terms, this will lead to a higher level of engagement. If your audience is highly engaged then this will lead to more sales. 

The SMS360 feature allows you to customize messages through the Delacon portal and define the SMS your customer receives after the call. If your customer replies to that message, it will then be converted to an email and sent to an address that you have specified. You can also continue the conversation by replying to the email with your message. The content in the email will convert to an SMS message and will be sent back to your customer from the number you have defined. The Post-Call SMS will show your client that they’re important and all the frustrations about not being able to speak on the phone will be resolved.

The SMS360 feature also allows a business to obtain customer analytics and learn about the way their customers interact with all of the extra communication being recorded and accessed through the Delacon portal. You can find out all the information about the initial call that you would also receive from our Call Tracking Solution, along with a full transcript of the SMS conversation. This powerful feature in combination with analytics available at Delacon will help with sales tracking and let you know whether your content is targeting the right personas.

SMS360 allows a business to recover lost sales opportunities and at Delacon we are committed to helping businesses with their day-to-day operations. At Delacon, one of our customers requested to understand what keywords get sales with the use of SMS360. When their client went through their website and decided to make a phone call and it was missed, then an SMS was automatically sent to their customer notifying and thanking them for calling the business which inevitably led to a sale. With the extra communication recorded and accessed through the Delacon portal, our customer was able to discover that ‘fast speed boat’ was their number one keyword. This helped them make informed media decisions and improve their marketing ROI. Other Delacon customers have also used the SMS360 feature to incorporate survey links and received instant feedback. Offering customers exclusive access to special offers through an SMS marketing channel allows them to feel important and leads to the development of personal customer relationships and one-to-one communication.

Here are some more examples of how our customers use SMS360:

  • Customized post call message “Thanks for your call. We suggest bookmarking this <website> for future reference. Here’s a <link> to further information/special deals”.
  • New line of communication, where your SMS can thank them for their call and invite them to reply via SMS, which then comes to you as an email. To which you can then reply via email and it goes back to them as another SMS.
  • Feedback/survey “Thanks for your call. Please feel free to SMS us feedback or simply rate your experience by entering 5 if very satisfied or 1 if very unsatisfied”.
  • Missed call response and opt-in “Sorry we missed your call. If you would like us to call back, please SMS your mobile number and the nature of your query”.
  • If a call via a GMB tracking number, “Thanks for your call. Please like us on GMB <link>”.
  • Connect with your customers in real time and in a way that’s convenient for them to respond quickly.
  • Never lose a sale again due to a bad customer call agent experience or long call wait times.
  • Receive immediate customer feedback after call centre engagements.
  • Create customizable SMS messages for various types of customer communications
  • Get honest feedback from customers that you can act on immediately and escalate.
  • Send customizable SMS surveys to your customers so you can track how you are doing.

The ability to define different SMS messages based on the call outcome is an effective communication tactic and marketing optimization tool that will ensure that your customers have the best experience and increase your chance of converting leads into sales.

If you would like to talk to us about SMS360 or our call tracking solution, please get in touch.