Universal Analytics Will Be Going Away Make The Switch To Google Analytics 4 Now

Universal Analytics will be going away, make the switch to Google Analytics 4 now

From July 1, 2023 (October 1st, 2023 if you have GA360), Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties. If you currently rely on Universal Analytics, we recommend you prepare now by setting up and switching over to Google Analytics 4.

What is going to happen?

  • From now until July 1, 2023, you can continue to use and collect new data in your Universal Analytics properties.
  • After July 1, 2023, you will be able to access your previously processed data in your Universal Analytics property for at least six months. We strongly encourage you to export your historical reports during this time.
  • In the next coming months, Google will provide a future date for when existing Universal Analytics properties will no longer be available.

What are some of the benefits of transitioning to Google Analytics 4?

  • Obtain additional information from each interaction such as the value of purchase and page title
  • Improved Tracking of the Customer Journey
  • Flexible model that is more accurate with reporting
  • Improved user engagement analysis.
  • More powerful audiences for your ad campaigns.
  • More intelligent user privacy and tracking features.
  • Simplified Goals and Events Setup.
  • Enhanced visualisations and reporting.
  • A plethora of parameters.

How do you check if your Google Analytics property is impacted?

  • If you created your property before October 14, 2020, you’re likely using a Universal Analytics property. Universal Analytics profile ID’s will be in the UA-XXXXXXX-X format.
  • If you created your property after October 14, 2020, you’re likely using a Google Analytics 4 property already, and no action is required. GA4 profile ID’s will be numbers only.

How to complete your next steps?

Google strongly encourages you to make the switch to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible. Please click here to learn how to set up your Google Analytics 4 property.

Following this setup will allow you to download the necessary historical data to prepare you for when Universal Analytics is no longer available.

Once you have upgraded to GA4 you will need to complete the integration mappings in the Delacon portal, as per https://support.delaconcorp.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408140314009-Google-Analytics-4-GA4-Integration-Guide. This can be done in conjunction with an existing Universal Analytics mapping, and call data will be sent in UA and GA4.

If you need any assistance in migrating from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, please click here or if you have any questions, about how to set up Delacon’s Integration with GA4 please do not hesitate to contact Delacon Support or your Account Manager.

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