What Phone Calls Can Tell Us About Our Customers

What phone calls can tell us about our customers

You’d be amazed by the kinds of insights that Call Tracking data can give you about your customers.

Traditionally, digital marketing has concentrated on collecting leads through online channels only. This usually means collecting customer data through form submissions, or connecting social accounts. But there are more ways to get conversions! Phone calls are important – over 40% of all online-search-related conversions actually take place over the phone. In fact, the majority of businesses consider phone calls to be their best source of valuable sales leads.

Customers who call are almost certainly further down the marketing funnel than those who fill in an online form. A customer looking for your business on your Google My Business listing, for example, needs an answer now, and is probably ready to buy.

Making sure you collect ALL the data you need

So, with phone calls leading to more valuable sales, and bringing in more qualified leads, it’s important to know as much as possible about those customers. Leads from web forms bring with them a rich collection of data, including vital metrics like the keyword that they used to find your site. But if that customer called the number on your site rather than filling in the form, what happens then? Without a Call Tracking solution in place, you’re going to lose that data.

With Delacon’s Call Tracking solution, you’ll be able to link your customers’ online session data with their calls. By using our dynamic numbers on your website, you can know:

  • the online browsing behaviour of the caller before they called
  • which page the caller was on when they called you
  • the keywords they used, if they clicked on your paid ads
  • the time and date of the call
  • the geographical location of the caller
  • the telephone number of the caller
  • the device that the caller used
  • the outcome of the call – whether it was a sale, a service call, etc.
  • the value of the sale.

How to collect even more data

If you combine our Call Tracking solution with our AI-driven Speech Analytics, you’ll also be able to capture:

  • the most important topics, measured by the frequency of words used
  • the sentiment of the caller, based on the words and phrases they use on the call
  • how well your agents or operators are sticking to their script
  • whether all the legally required terms and conditions have been provided to the customer.

Closing the attribution loop

If you’re running digital marketing campaigns that drive customers to your site, you may not be getting the data that will allow you to accurately calculate your CPA. Without Call Tracking, anyone calling, rather than completing a form, may not be attributed to the paid media source, and missed when ROI calculations are made. After implementing Delacon Call Tracking, Suncorp were able to better understand their cost per acquisition, leading to a reduction of 16% in CPA and an increase of 14% in Return on Advertising Spend.

This extra data also allows you to optimise your marketing to the channels and keywords that are really driving the highest-value sales. Delacon’s advanced Call Tracking solution can capture the keyword used by each customer whose call was driven by paid media. By integrating your call tracking solution with your CRM, you can feed sales data back into your bid management platform, enabling you to make optimisation decisions using all available data.

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