Why Delacons Google Call Tracking Integration Is Exactly What Your Business Needs

Why Delacon’s Google Call tracking integration is exactly what your business needs

If your company has Google Ads running to try and reach more leads and potential customers, you know that there are several ways potential customers are contacting you without actually clicking on the ad. In fact, 43% of all online search-related conversions take place by phone, with most businesses considering phone calls one of, if not the most, valuable source of quality leads.


But what we’re saying here probably isn’t anything that you don’t already know.

So, with that being the case, the question then becomes – how do you analyse the effectiveness of your marketing spend on search, including customer phone calls, so that your team can get a fuller picture of your ROI on search?

Delacon is the only integrated Google Adwords call provider in the APAC region, providing natively integrated call tracking data. What this means is that we now surface in all Google AdWords accounts, if a client or anyone wants to record and monitor call extensions and obtain a fuller understanding of the effectiveness of their search campaigns. Furthermore, with our IVR capture feature, not only will you be able to obtain a clearer picture of your return on marketing spend, but you’ll be able to access more granular data, such as a phone call from a Google Ad that converted to a sale, the keyword that led to the call, the value of that sale and more.

Our software also integrates seamlessly with all the major marketing platforms and CRMs your team is likely already using. So with more data and detailed insights, all integrated into one central location, your team will have more complete information about well-performing keywords, underperforming campaigns as well as just general channel performance so that your team is equipped to make better marketing decisions.

More specifically, with Delacon’s call tracking solution, you can monitor:

  • Time, date, length and result of calls
  • Geographical location of calls
  • Telephone number of the caller (unless withheld)
  • Answering point telephone number
  • Number of calls per web source
  • Online browsing activity leading up to the call
  • Keywords used to find your add
  • Campaign ID
  • Calculate CPL and CPA to help your team optimise campaign performance
  • The call outcome, such as whether it was a sale and the sale value

To learn more about where your marketing dollars are going and to get to know your customer better, follow our setup guide here and follow these instructions on setting up our Google call tracking integration feature today!