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How Delacon’s call tracking data and Jaywing Australia strengthened Mobile Tyre Shop’s understanding of its customers, optimised marketing efforts and spend.

Mobile Tyre Shop had a clear understanding of their ROI and metrics such as customer acquisition cost. However, this data was only available for online bookings and sales, and over 50% of sales were being closed through other channels, such as phone calls or live chat.

This meant that while Mobile Tyre Shop had accurate data, it wasn’t all the data as attribution trails were being lost. This left the team with a fragmented picture of marketing ROI, making it more challenging to make more informed business decisions on how to enhance user journeys and experiences.

The solution was to integrate Delacon’s call tracking software to track all calls through the Mobile Tyre Shop website, call extensions, Google my Business and Facebook with Jaywing’s sales CRM via Webhook API and Google Analytics.