Easily Attribute Sales To Campaigns With Delacons CRM Sales Data Matching And Upload Tool

Easily Attribute Sales to Campaigns with Delacon’s CRM Sales Data Matching and Upload Tool

The upload of sales data from your CRM tool into Google Analytics, Google Ads, Campaign Manager and Search Ads 360 is possible with Delacon’s CRM Data Upload Tool for phone-based sales. Advertisers are able to directly attribute phone sales to the keywords and campaigns that generated the initial call. This data is then able to be used to improve performance and optimise campaigns.

How does it work?

The following information is captured when a call is made through Delacon’s call tracking system:

  • Phone number of the caller (when available)
  • Date and Time of the call
  • Relevant session data (Campaign Manager and Search Ads 360 encrypted session ID, Google Analytics client ID or Session Landing Page for Google Ads/DCM)

The CRM data can be uploaded directly into the Delacon system, allowing it to be automatically matched with call records and pushed through Campaign Manager, Search Ads 360, Google Analytics, and Google Ads.

What CRM data is required?

In order to complete data matching, the caller’s phone number is needed in E.164 international format (+ and Country Code), the time stamp and call date are preferred, as well as the sale value in a dollar amount or booking.

How is the data matched?

Once CRM data has been uploaded through the CRM Data upload tool, the tool will check for a matching date and phone number and match accordingly. For example, a call is placed by 0412 345 678 on the 1st of September at 12 p.m., and the caller purchases a product for $100.00. The data is captured in the operator’s CRM, and the following information would be loaded into the CRM data matching tool:

<delacon campaign id>,+61412345678,20180901 12:00.000,100.00,<platform being pushed into>

The information would be matched with the record of the call, including the phone number and call time/date.

How is the data pushed into Google’s platforms?

The CRM data is automatically pushed into Google Analytics with Delacon’s integration, using Google Measurement Protocol and the Google Analytics Client ID from the matched call, which can then be viewed in Google Analytics. 

Delacon’s Search Ads and Campaign Manager integration allows for the automatic push of CRM data into Campaign Manager and Search Ads 360 using the Campaign Manager and Search Ads 360 API, through the encrypted Campaign Manager and Search Ads 360 session ID captured from the landing page or when the call is made.

Google Ads integration with Delacon allows for the CRM data to be automatically transferred into Google Ads using the GCLID.

Why is this important?

The CRM Data Upload Tool is important for businesses to capture data on their marketing strategies. It ensures that businesses understand which strategies are providing the most sales or enquiries, allowing the business to spend more of their marketing budget on the campaigns that give the most return.

If you are interested in Delacon’s CRM Data Upload Tool, reach out to our friendly team and begin optimising your marketing.