Delacon’s Speech Analytics enables advanced lead scoring to optimise your internal operations.

Lead scoring can help work out which agents are performing best, what strategies are leading to a conversions and which campaigns are driving the most valuable sales calls.

By analysing the caller intent, you can assign values to a conversation based on your own metrics to come up with a lead score. The caller intent is defined based on the outcome of Speech Analytics, IVR listening, and business category.

Another benefit of using Speech Analytics is that you can use the confidence score as lead score directly.

Lead scoring is especially beneficial in a sales environment as it can help identify which leads are most likely to purchase so that attention can be focused on leads which are more likely to convert into a sale. Scoring is based on a pre-determined criterion set around activities and interactions the customer has with your company such as opening an email, visiting a web page or making a phone call.

With Speech Analytics, a lead score can be more accurate as it is based on conversational methods as well as the web interactions.

By using the data from a phone call, a lead score can be updated based on their likely intent to purchase, which can be obtained from the keywords used. For example, if sales specific keywords are used, the lead score can be increased based on the likelihood of the caller to purchase.

Your sales team can then use this information to prioritise calling this lead and the marketing team can use this information to target these customers with specific ads.

Using Speech Analytics provides a more targeted and accurate approach to lead scoring then simply relying on analytics and web session data alone.

Lead scoring is an important feature to ensure your agents are performing their best and your customers are having an optimal experience. By effectively listening to each call, Speech Analytics can identify what went wrong during a call and you can interpret this into your team’s training. Lead scoring through call analytics enables you to determine best performing staff and provide highly valuable training to the staff in need.

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