Demonstrate the value of your directory

Prove your directory’s business case with Delacon’s advanced call tracking and call management solution. By tracking calls that are inspired by your directory, you’ll be able to accurately demonstrate to your clients the value of listing their business on your platform.

Without tracking calls, you’re potentially missing a key conversion metric. Calls are important – they generally attract higher value sales and the caller is usually further along the sales funnel. By measuring and reporting both clicks and calls from your directory, you’ll have both methods of conversion covered.

You’ll be able to demonstrate the value of phone leads and more accurately determine the return on investment for your clients.


Sophisticated call management features

In addition to the measurement and reporting of calls, you can also use the sophisticated features of our call tracking solution for superior call management. The call notification is an automated email that ensures your clients catch all unanswered calls. The email includes the caller’s phone number, the full referrer URL, the time and date of the call, the call outcome and an attachment of the voicemail if it was left.

The call whisper is a customised pre-call message for the operator and can be used to reinforce your directory’s brand as the source of the call. The call feedback is a post-call questionnaire so that your client’s can collect valuable data on the call outcome. Our system can also record all calls – the recordings can be accessed through Delacon’s portal or emailed to a business contact. We can also email a detailed call report to an appropriate contact.

Your clients may also appreciate the ability to intelligently route calls. With postcode routing, calls be diverted to the nearest location based on the caller entering a postcode. Mobile call routing will automatically transfer the call to the nearest location of the caller. Time of day routing can be customised depending on your client’s requirements.

Delacon’s call tracking solution will bring innovative technology as part of your directory’s product offering.

How directories benefit from tracking calls

  • Demonstrate the value of phone leads
  • Accurate measurement and reporting on all leads generated for your clients
  • More accurately measure the return on investment for your clients
  • Bring innovative technology as part of your product offering
  • Sophisticated call management features for your clients