Add additional value to your clients

In today’s competitive environment, many businesses identify the need for best of breed technology platforms. In a typical outfit the company may have customer relationship management software, marketing automation software, accounting software, finance software – the list goes on. Each of these platforms enables the company to reach the market and connect with their customers in an effective and efficient way.

For advertising agencies including SEO and SEM, business service agencies and telecommunication service companies that consult with their clients on the implementation and monitoring of software, we would urge you to consider becoming a Delacon reseller – so that you can also offer an industry-leading call tracking, call analytics and call management solution to your clients.

In essence you’ll be able to offer Delacon’s call tracking solution as part of your total product offering.

By inspiring your client to use Delacon’s solution to add calls into the metric equation, you and your clients will be able to more accurately measure the success of advertising campaigns, optimize campaigns using all available data and determine the actual return on investment.

We also offer a range of features and functionality with our solution. Your clients may appreciate the ability to record calls for training purposes or intelligently route calls using postcode routing, mobile call routing or customizable time of day routing. The call whisper is a customized pre-call message for the operator and the call feedback is a post-call questionnaire so that your client’s can collect valuable data on the call outcome.

How referrers benefit from offering Delacon's call tracking solution

  • Bring innovative technology as part of your product offering
  • Add additional value to your clients
  • Demonstrate the value of phone leads
  • Enhance the experience of your client’s customers with sophisticated call management features
  • Generate additional revenue opportunities