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Overcoming Call Tracking Concerns

When discussing call tracking with our clients, we sometimes encounter a number of concerns to using the solution.

Often this is because some businesses may not fully understand the value call tracking can provide and when weighing up its costs don’t have all the information to justify the expense.

We thought it would be important to allay some of these concerns, while also providing a reminder about the value of call tracking.

Objection: What happens to the calls if we stop using call tracking?

Scenario: A business uses call tracking for a short term campaign or for a specific product landing page. A customer may potentially call the number back after the campaign has finished or landing page is no longer being used.

Solution: In most global markets, you can port or transfer your call tracking numbers to your own provider so you can continue to use the number even after your call tracking campaigns have finished.
An alternative is to keep your call tracking campaign going for a short period of time to ensure all calls come through. The cost to do this is generally quite minimal and often as part of their call tracking strategy companies will set aside budget for this purpose.

We can also quarantine call tracking numbers so you can use them again in the future. In the interim, calls made to that number can be routed to the most appropriate termination number.

Objection: What does call tracking actually provide beyond Google Conversion Tracking?

Scenario: A business is using Google Analytics to track online conversion goals.

Solution: Google Conversion tracking is limited to online activity and does not track phone calls. If a customer moves from online to offline to get more info or make a purchase over the phone, this type of conversion is tracked using call tracking.

Only an advanced call tracking solution provides full transparency for all marketing driven calls.  It can provide attribution to the source and campaign that generated the call and in some cases the keyword. This data can be shown alongside online data so you get a complete picture.

Other information it can collect includes:

  • Call duration
  • Location of the call
  • The page landed on
  • The page called from
  • Call outcome (answered, missed, busy)

As a phone call often indicates a high intention to buy, it is generally more indicative of a successful conversion than a web form completion.

Finally, the ability of our call tracking solution to integrate across multiple platforms including CRMs, website analytics, bid managers, tag managers and Marketing Automation and Optimization tools

In terms of Google Analytics, a phone call can be viewed as a conversion.

Objection: We can’t justify the cost of call tracking

Scenario: Call tracking costs money and often a business cannot justify the cost of a call tracking solution against the value it provides.

While we acknowledge that call tracking does add a cost, it’s important to understand the value that it provides:

  1. It can actually help reduce costs as the data can help businesses more accurately measure and optimise marketing towards ads and campaigns which are delivering leads, allowing you to cut spend on underperforming campaigns.
  2. Revenue can increase as it can help identify campaigns which are actually delivering leads and sales.
  3. Insights gained from the data collected can help marketers better target their ads as the data can be made available to a call center agent in real-time, helping them to understand the customer’s needs better.