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Call Tracking and CRM Data Matching

Data Matching is the process of matching your CRM sales data with call data, so you can attribute the sale back to the original call.

In turn, this allows you to effectively attribute sales made over the phone back to the original source or channel.

By accurately attributing both call sales and web sales back to the original source, you can more accurately measure the effectiveness of your marketing channels, including the more accurate measurement of cost per lead and cost per acquisition to optimise your marketing ROI.

Data Matching Options

Our manual upload option allows you to export your CRM data, put it into the appropriate format and then manually upload it into the Delacon portal. The Delacon System will then automatically match the CRM data against the call data and push this combined data into Google Analytics, Google Ads or DoubleClick.

The upload process is simple to follow and is done through our portal:


Allows you to have total control of the upload process and specifically select the data you want to upload.

Our upload via API allows you to develop an interface between your CRM and Delacon to fully automate the data matching process.


Totally automates the uploading of data for data matching, freeing up your time.

Upload to secure SFTP location – which can be your own location or a Delacon location – a CSV file in the specified format.


Delacon will automatically format and process the data. If you can already export the data from your CRM, then you don’t need to do any development on your side.

Delacon can develop a custom data matching solution that suits your specific needs. Our team of solution engineers will work with you to ensure the solution is right for you.


The benefit of a customized solution is it will fit with your businesses existing software and processes, even if they are unique to your business.

Interested in Data Matching?

Attribute phone sales back to the channel that generated them and optimise to improve your conversion rate!