Delacons White Labeling Service

Delacon’s White Labeling Service

What is White Labeling?

White labeling means a product is produced by one company and is then rebranded and resold by another company as their own product, under their own company’s branding. It is best suited to directories and agencies. As their clients see their name, logo, and colours, they believe that the product belongs to that company even though it is from an outside source.

Delacon’s white labeling enables our directory and agency customers to promote call tracking as their solution and customise the Delacon interface with their own branding and styling.

Delacon’s White Label features:

  • White label Delacon’s portal. Tailor the Delacon interface to suit your own brand by adding your own logo and colours. This is a great way to maintain brand consistency when selling our solution to your clients
  • White label notification email. When a call is finished a call notification is sent to your clients and this can be sent from your company’s branded email address.
  • White label the billing process. Our re-billing feature enables you to automatically set your own percentage or fixed rate value to apply to each invoice, saving you time. You can also brand the invoice by inputting your logo and it can be sent from your chosen email address straight to your client.
  • White label the forgot password link. When a user requests a ‘forgot password’ link, the email and link to reset the password will appear to come from your email instead of Delacon’s system.

Why use Delacon’s White Labeling?

Delacon’s White Label service gives you full customisation control, your clients won’t know that it’s our portal or technology being used. Your company logo can be placed on the interface and emails, links and invoices will appear to come from your company. White labeling is easy to set up. Just follow our simple guide here.

Benefits of Delacon’s White Labeling:

  • Offer our innovative call tracking, call management, and speech analytics technology as part of your range of products
  • Increase brand visibility and brand awareness
  • Strengthen the loyalty of your clients by offering them more services
  • Save money and time – since we have already developed the technology, you don’t have to
  • Expand into more markets thereby increasing revenue opportunities

Delacon is an industry expert in call analytics and speech analytics, invaluable marketing tools that give a snapshot of the customer’s call journey. If you want to benefit from Delacon’s range of call tracking solutions and promote it as your own, then White labeling is the right choice for you.

If you are interested in White Labelling, please contact us.