The Incredible Benefits of Integrating Automation Solutions with Delacon’s Call Tracking Solution

Many businesses often wonder how to improve efficiency in their services while also improving time management within the business itself. Delacon’s Call Tracking capabilities are a great step in the right direction for businesses looking to improve and provide a better experience for customers. Automation within Call Tracking negates the need for human interaction, making life for your business much easier and providing customers with a streamlined, consistent experience.

With that in mind, what are the benefits of integrating these automations into Delacon’s call tracking software?

Utilisation of data across multiple platforms

Automatic integration allows for multiple platforms to utilise your Call Tracking data. This removes the need for customised integrations and allows for data to be used in multiple ways to benefit your business (and your customers).

Reduction in manual tasks

As previously mentioned, automation removes the need for tasks to be completed manually. This will inherently increase efficiency within your business and enables you and your staff to spend time on the things that make more sense and should be prioritised.

Access Delacon’s Zapier Integration

Currently, Delacon has integration capabilities with Zapier. Zapier is an automation tool that can connect multiple software platforms together, so call data can be transferred seamlessly across them. Zapier has over 750 platforms, and Delacon’s call analytics software is capable of giving all these platforms access to your call data for a more efficient and effective Call Tracking solution.

Automation is the perfect way to improve your business. You are able to free up valuable time for your business by removing the human factor for customised integrations, and your call tracking data can easily be shared across multiple different platforms at the push of a button. Efficiency certainly is made easy with automation.

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