How Delacons Addition Of Australian Sa3 Areas To Reporting In DOMO Is Important To Your Business

How Delacon’s addition of Australian SA3 Areas to Reporting in DOMO is Important for Your Business

Australian Statistical Areas 3 were created to provide a framework for the Australian Bureau of Statistics for data analysis. The SA3 format provides a standardised code for the regional breakup of Australia, through the clustering of groups within the SA2s which have similar regional characteristics. Delacon has used this reporting in integration with DOMO software – a tool used for data visualization and cloud-based business intelligence. Delacon pushes the call data through to the DOMO software to provide your business with real-time reporting on received calls.

So how does this integration work, and why is the addition of SA3 data important for your business?

The reporting of SA3s into DOMO allows Delacon to match original calls to their SA3 region, showing specific trends or call behaviours in regards to different marketing strategies for regional areas. For example, if your business has a marketing strategy for regional areas that differs from your national campaign, you want to measure the ROI on these activities by tracking calls from these specific regions or targeted areas.

Delacon has also previously integrated geo-location data associated with IP addresses and telephone numbers, linking the IP address or phone number to the geo-location when a phone number is dialled. The call can then be mapped with the SA3 code and postcode to provide an accurate point of origin for the call.

What does this mean for your business?

The addition of SA3 data with geo-location provides businesses with data on exactly where calls originate. For a franchised business, this could be a factor to consider when opening a new store or bidding on a geo-location advertisement.

Delacon’s addition of SA3 data to DOMO provides even more call tracking information for your business. Not only can it assist in determining what marketing campaigns are working well for your business in a targeted area, but it can also provide valuable information on where calls are originating from and which areas require your business’ services more than others.

If you’re interested in more information on our SA3 addition to DOMO, please reach out to the Delacon team.